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All Your Video Production Needs

Production Equipment List 
2 Sony Betacam SX cameras

1 Sony HDW-Z1U

Sony BVW-300 Betacam SP camera

Sachtler Hotpod Tripods

Glidecam V-8 camera stabilizer

Mini Jib

Sony WRR-855/820 Wireless Microphones

Lowell/Arri Light Kits

2 LTM HMI Lights (575 and 1200w)

2 Sony ECM-77 Lav Microphones

Shure FP-33 Audio Mixer

Boom Pole/ Shotgun Mic

All connecting cables and accessories necessary to produce a network quality video production. 

Post Production Equipment List

Apple Final Cut Pro Edit Suite

1 Terabite Hard Drive Storage

Sony DNW-45 Record Deck

Sony UVW-1800 Record Deck

Full Off-Line Edit Suite

Mini-DV Feed Deck

Media-100 Edit Suite  

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