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Script to Screen president, Keel Heisler is an expert visual communicator and media content producer. With more than 25 years of broadcast, cable and corporate television experience, he blends creativity and technical expertise to achieve entertainment and understanding. He is an experienced and talented manager, producer, director, writer, videographer and editor.  

Starting his professional career in 1977 in Pocatello, Idaho at KPVI as a commercial cinematographer and producer he developed a unique visual style. From 1978-80 Keel developed early live shot capabilities in video engineering and breaking news stories at KMGH-TV in Denver, Colorado.  In April of 1980 Keel left to become one of the first employees to sign on with the then unknown Cable News Network.   

During his eight-year tenure, he helped build CNN into the respected world information source it is today. Keel covered most major news events of the 80’s. As producer, writer, videographer and sometimes editor of award-winning news features including News From Medicine, CNN Nutrition News, ShowBiz Today, CNN Pet Life and CNN Travel Guide he broke new ground in the field of interstitial programming Keel imprinted his unique visual style and creative production values on the network. Many of the 30 and 60 minute investigative medical documentaries he shot, edited and co-produced were nominated for ACE Awards, the Cable TV Industry’s acknowledgement of excellence.  As Chief Features Videographer, he also established many training procedures that are still in place at CNN today. 

Keel remains a busy and respected independent media content producer. As president of Script to Screen Productions (STS) he produces media events, VNR’s, satellite press tours, video press kits, convention news programming, training modules, travel and destination videos, PSA’s, meeting messaging and news coverage from concept through delivery on video tape, CD Rom, DVD or for satellite uplink.    

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